Daily Drawings inspire me, it helps me to Hyperfocus and I work best with deadlines!

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365 Dailydrawings

was my first Dailydrawing try-out in 2014. My GOAL was to make an intuïtive, mixed media drawing on recycled paper or whatever piece of solid paper- within one hour, every day! I did it, loved it and it lasted not 1 but 2 years. This ART Project was followed by a lovely, very unique solo exhibition. The artworks were presented on hanging strokes of recycled! cardboard, like a labyrint. The visitors could walk by and around them like a timeline … with matching Poetry made by my befriended artist Aat Remkes.

Inktober 2018

31 Days 31 KiekeboeKAT Drawings

My second Daily Drawing Project was Inktober 2018 on Instagram
Yay, a full month of Ink drawing – following the 31 prompts by @Jake Parker
Result were 31 cute + tiny, inked Kiekeboekat drawings on Heavyweight Paper [5×5 cm]
– Originals available in PakjeKunst Maastricht
– Greetingcards + Prints in KiekeboeKAT shop

Project IAmEveryWoman

30 Feminine Portraits and more …

Unfortunately I got very sick in 2018. My chronic immune disease attacked my body and I had to stop working because of pain and other symptoms. As I sat hours in silence trying to keep breathing in and out to stay calm during inflammation attacks, I got inspired by Frida Kahlo’s life and Quotes. Frida managed to turn excruciating pain into beauty and her passion stands out in every single one of her paintings. So I started sketching. Sketching my pain away in a meditative state, every day, for more than a month.
It evolved from a very personal story about SelfHealing to ARTProject. Hopefully it inspires you too!

#Project IAmEveryWoman

Originals available
Greetingcards! Ask for a Catalogus in Pdf
Follow this ongoing Project here >

Inktober 2019

31 kiekeboekat Drawings

Yes! Happy, I dit it again! Could not wait till it started this Inktober2019 – 31 funny and sweet KiekeboeKAT drawings in ink. A little bit bigger than last year and … some are hand colored or colored in with photoshop and illustrator because I wanted to try new things with them. They turned out to be beautiful Greetingcards or collectables ask for a catalogus or go to the Kiekeboekat shop
Originals Available
Ask for a catalogus in Pdf

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